Martina Theimer

I love taking on different roles.

„Even as a child I found it fascinating to play different roles. I used to dream of becoming an actress, today, I have the privilege to take on different roles as a conference interpreter: one day I get to know a medical company from the inside and the next I dive into a complex legal topic. Just like an actress, I meticulously prepare for my new role: I familiarise myself with the character that I will be representing, i.e. the speaker, but also the organisation as a whole, as well as the topic at hand - and it goes without saying that I do so in English as well. I am fully committed to every single project so that I can interpret freely without having to stay to close to the original. When it comes to acting, the main difference to my work is that the better I do my job the less will people be aware of my presence. It is my goal to make my audience completely forget that they are listening to an interpreter. “

Martina Theimer

Conference interpreter
Member of AIIC and VKD im BDÜ e.V.

Friedrich-Schofer-Str. 68
71332 Waiblingen

Mobile: +49 (0)176 – 10 31 97 51


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Diploma in conference interpreting for German (A) and English (B), i.e. I interpret from German into English and vice versa.


This is a selection of my most recent assignments to give you an impression of the diversity of topics that I have been dealing with.  I have not listed the numerous company anniversaries, annual kick-off events and product launches, staff meetings, trainings and factory tours that I interpreted for companies from a great variety of industries.


  • Advanced training courses in metal-free implantology and biological dentistry
  • Conference Cataract and glaucoma in childhood
  • Symposium Polyuria


  • Depositions
  • Arbitrage and mediation
  • Labor court proceedings

Arts and Culture

  • Conference The ethnological museum of the future
  • Summit New Narratives: thinking economics differently
  • Event IKA/Culinary Olympics


  • Seminar The European labor market for immigrants - an analysis
  • Conference Transparency, Open Government, e-Governance
  • Conference Terror attacks – observing potential attackers
  • Misereor Lenten Campaign

Industrial and technical fields

  • Conference Integrated development of building projects
  • Hospital inspections
  • Symposium automotive and engine technology
  • Symposium Automotive days
  • Seminar Energy services as a future market

Work experience

Since 2006
Freelance conference interpreter

Education and training

2001-2006 School of Translation and Interpreting, Cologne University Conference Interpreting for English and Spanish (German: mother tongue)

Stays abroad in Indiana (Pennsylvania) 1996, Sunderland (GB) 2002 and Bogotá (Colombia) 1999 and 2006.


Teacher at the Goethe Institute, Bogotá (2006)

Mentor as part of the mentoring programme within the German Conference Interpreters' Association VKD im BDÜ e.V. (2020-2022)